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Show-Score arrives in London!

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Theatre Bee is so happy that one of its favourite theatre communities, Show-Score, has finally arrived in London!

If you ever felt overwhelmed by the London theatre scene - a hundred shows on every day, and a million thoughts, reviews and opinions on each one, making it daunting to know what to watch or where to even begin to think about what to watch, look no further - Show-Score is an amazingly useful aggregator of London theatre reviews for both West End and Off-West End shows. Highly intuitive show scores, audience reviews, aggregated critic reviews all in one place, so you can discover the shows that work for you. And feel part of a loving community, complete with a leaderboard to recognise the most helpful of community members.

Further, you'll soon be able to follow Theatre Bee reviews alongside all your other favourite critics in one place on Show-Score! More on this soon.

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