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The Theatre Bee Store is now live! Bee-autiful bumble bee gifts, theatre gifts, musical merch, and more

Great gifts for bee lovers, musical lovers and theatre lovers at the (zero profit) Theatre Bee Store! Lovingly created by your bee-loved bee, check out unique apparel, accessories and other goodies for every theatre lover!

Bee themed gifts

There's just something so adorable about bees. They buzz around so happily, they always seem to know what they're doing, and they produce one of the most delicious things in the world - honey, aptly called the "nectar of the gods." Celebrate these little creatures with a gift from the Theatre Bee Store!

Musical merchandise

Shopping for a musical theatre lover that likes to spontaneously break into show tunes? How about our range of musical-themed merchandise featuring popular lines from your favourite show-tunes or clever puns on the most memorable musical theatre scenes?

Shakespeare stuff

Shakespeare's work is so varied it can be difficult to find a dialogue-appropriate gift. But don't worry, bee happy! For the Shakespeare loving nerd or geek in your life, the Theatre Bee Store has you covered with cute, thoughtful presents to show them how you’re willing to go the extra mile to find them something they’ll love.

Keep scrolling for the Theatre Bee Store Blog

Get your fix of theatre and musical merchandise designs, pick your favourites, share your thoughts for new designs and more.

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Theatre Bee Store has brought in the cutest little critter in town - bees! Check out our selection of gifts, wallpapers, and other souvenir items to show your love for the buzzing friends.


Wondering why should you try out Theatre Bee's range of bee presents?

Bee related gifts are not just cute, they are a tribute to the amazing work that bees do.

Did you know that bees are some of the most important creatures on Earth and for more reasons than one? Honeybees pollinate flowers and produce honey, but they also produce wax, which is used to make candles, lotions, and lip balms. These little insects also have a wonderful community and can create strong relationships with other species. Bees are more than just curious creatures that provide honey and act as pollinators. They are also a symbol of creativity, industriousness, and cooperation. Bees have been constant symbols in various cultures around the world.

Bee themed gifts can symbolise virtue

What do bees represent? Do people like bees simply because they’re cute? Theatre Bee certainly does not think so. There is so much to these creatures! Bees are one of the most important contributions to our ecosystem. They are a symbol of sustainability and progress, a representation of the future. Many people love bee themed gifts because they are beautiful and creative. They are perfect for children because they symbolize life and community. 


Bee themed items are everywhere, from cards to stickers, mugs, clothing, jewelry and even furniture!

They make great gifts because they are sentimental and also trendy. Bee themed items have become so popular that it is now very easy to find them in every store. So if you're looking for a gift this season that's both cool and original - look no further! Rush to the Theatre Bee Store now!

Bumble bee gifts for her

Did you know there are over 20,000 different species of bees, and the bumble bee is one of the cutest? No, a bumble bee isn't just your friendly neighbourhood honey bee. Bumblebees are round, fuzzy, almost huggable; honeybees are small, thin and somewhat lanky. That's why bumblebee-themed presents make for perfect gifts for that special 'her' in your life! If you want to tell your girl how cute she is, this is the store for you!

Honey bee gifts for him

Don't just get your guy some boring gift, be creative and get him something that shows how much you love him. Honey bees make for perfect symbols. They are such hardworking pollinators that entire ecosystems would collapse without their constant work. Show your man how much you appreciate all the work he does with a cute bee themed present.

Can’t get enough of musical merchandise and gifts? 

Completely understandable! Musical theatre is a form of entertainment that has a universal appeal because of its ability to connect with people from all different backgrounds, which is why musicals are so popular in the West End. Musicals have a lot of power to convey messages and make us feel emotions. It is an extremely evocative form of artistic expression. It has the power to impact people in ways that books or movies never could, because there's something about the experience of watching it live, with someone performing an art that has been practiced to perfection, and embodying the emotion they are trying to convey with not just their voice but also their face and their whole body. The actors are able to put on the best show because they have learned to sing, dance and act at the same time. People love them because they love how entertaining it can be to watch so many different art forms in seamless confluence, and how the combined whole has such a big impact on their emotions. People love musical theatre for different reasons, but people in general find it enjoyable.

Musical merchandise always make for great gifts to give and receive because they are just so fun! 

Everyone can enjoy musicals without any specific occasion, so everyone would like having a nice souvenir or merchandise to remind them of their favourite musical and the lovely time they had at the theatre! Musical themes in gifts are a great way to get creative gifts for friends or family members who love music, theatre and of course the combination, musical theatre! 

So what kind of musical merch can I find at the Theatre Bee store?

The Theatre Bee store has you covered for a variety of merchandise, including apparel for both the summer and winter, accessories, kitchenware, drink ware, iPhone cases and whatnot, many featuring your favourite musicals in a cute, quirky design! These gifts are inspired by the nicest form of theatre there is, and can be an escape from reality, a release of frustrations or the place where we go to find cheer on a gloomy day! There is a broad range of musical theatre gifts to choose from, depending on the person's taste, the nature of item they're looking for, and their budget. We also have some quirky and original products that would make perfect stocking fillers as well as great practical use as every day times. If you love musicals, or are shopping for a musical theatre lover, you can find gifts like t-shirts, coffee mugs, pillows and phone cases with your favourite musical-themed graphics and quotes printed on them.

Looking for a thoughtful gift for someone you know? Want to present someone with a gift that's different and special? Or maybe even for yourself? Unique, quirky and different gifts that are sure to make people smile.

What's your kooky side?

We have a wide selection of different and unique gifts that are both quirky yet practical. No matter what your need and how much your budget, we have something that will suit you!

Pick a present, any present

We offer a wide range of products at affordable prices. Looking for something personal, or maybe to help commemorate an important occasion? Our gifts are the perfect way to show someone how much they mean to you! We offer you a variety of different types of products: from cute to thoughtful, from serious to silly. Surprise the people you care about with something new and surprisingly different. Spread joy, share happiness!

Gifts for all occasions: we have something for everyone!

Birthday, anniversary, last minute presents - whatever the occasion we have great gifts that will not only be something special but also put a smile on the recipient’s face.

Surprise the people you care about with unique gifts for every occasion, and support the bee with much needed funds to run this site. The bee makes no profit from its merch sales.


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