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The brain of a musical theatre lover - Fun musical themed gifts

Updated: Jul 15, 2022

The perfect gift for any musical theatre nut who can't stop humming show tunes - a musical theatre brain. It's a new product that is taking the stage by storm. It uses the latest in surgical science and technology to implant an artificial musical theater brain implant into an ordinary musical lover’s brain, and that converts all of their thoughts into show tunes instantly.

Yes, the Musical theatre brain is the world's first operating system for musical theatre specific queries. It has everything a musical theatre lover needs to know about shows. In fact, the MT brain is on its way to becoming the go-to resource for musical theatre lovers in Europe and the US. The initial prototype features a database of over 7,000 shows, including every show in London’s West End, Broadway and off-Broadway theatres.

The brain has every show tune, song list and historical tidbit that any musical theatre fan could want to know. It also has news and exclusive interviews with Broadway stars, details on West End shows, and insights into the latest surgical technology. It’s a one-stop-shop for all things musical theatre! The makers always have their finger on the pulse of new developments in surgery too so they can keep you up to date with technology that will always be changing how we think about health care as it intersects with entertainment.

Okay, sorry, the bee was trying to be funny but it doesn't really get you humans' sense of humour. But don't stop reading just yet. The bee does have an interesting range of gifts themed after this mysterious brain of a musical theatre lover.

If you know someone who is an avid fan of show tunes, Broadway shows, and West End musicals, you will find that the Theatre Bee Store has a bunch of musical merch just for them!

Musical theatre fanatics have a hard time remembering things like the latest book read or what was for dinner last night. But if you say

"Do you hear the..."

and stop talking, they'll spontaneously break into song and finish your sentence with

"....hear the people sing, Singing the song of angry men, It is the music of a people who will not be slaves again"!

Show some love with these tailor-made gifts to honour someone’s love for musical theatre. How about an iPhone case designed to show their brain, and musical theatre's place in it, as well as the place of everything else that's just not as important as MT? Click on the picture to get put through straight to the Theatre Bee Store with tons of other merch with the same 'I have an MT brain' design.

Click on these designs to get put through to the Theatre Bee Store where you can view the hundreds of other products with this and similar designs, each one lovingly made by your Theatre Bee!

Musical merch about the brain of a musical theatre lover

Musical theatre fans who have multiple productions running in their heads may find that there's plenty of space in their brain to store the lyrics, melodies and even dance moves from the show they're watching. Broadway enthusiasts can never get enough of show tunes, until they find their brain is ready to explode from not having any more space, nope, not for even one more song! Inspired by this, the bee has made this MT brain design for its merch. Check out apparel, accessories and more.

The bee makes another attempt to make you humans laugh:

Girl: I have an MT brain.

Boy: That makes sense, you were never particularly clever.

Girl: I meant Musical Theatre brain.

Boy runs away.

No? Okay, the bee buzzes away sadly. But hopes you enjoy its merch.

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