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London Theatre Roundup for February 2024: Theatre Bee's Watchlist

Welcome to another instalment from your faithful Theatre Bee's London's theatre explorations.

A light and sound show inside a church, with bright lights cast on the walls
'Life' at St Martin-in-the-fields, an immersive light and sound show. Photo credit: Paul Marc Mitchel

Below is the bee's meticulously crafted itinerary for the upcoming weeks, showcasing a varied selection of productions from the melodic allure of classic musicals to the intellectual stimulation of contemporary plays, and even a sensory-rich visual show.

The bee buzzes with anticipation for "The King and I," a timeless classic by Rodgers and Hammerstein, slated to light up the Dominion Theatre. Having been enchanted by the melodies of "Oklahoma," the bee eagerly looks forward to discovering new songs to hum and sing. The enduring appeal of such musicals lies not just in their catchy tunes but also in their ability to resonate across generations. This show seems poised to add at least one or two more regulars to the bee's repertoire of spontaneous musical outbursts.

"Metamorphosis" at the Lyric Theatre sounds like a daring theatrical adaptation of Kafka's seminal novel. The novel was disruptive enough on its own, so the bee is curious if the stage version will leave it with still more sleepless nights or somehow make the timeless story a little more palatable once it's been 'seen'. This production beckons those who revel in philosophical musings and complex fiction and want to see how Kafka’s unique narrative style, filled with bizarre occurrences and unresolved questions, translates from page to stage.

Venturing into opera, the bee will next attend "The Barber of Seville" at the grand London Coliseum. Despite typically steering clear of comedies, the bee is curious to experience this renowned opera, famed for its humor and wit. This foray into opera serves as an exploration of classic comedic elements that have stood the test of time. Classics become classics for a reason. Usually, at least. Statistically speaking, classics are a safe bet. The bee, equipped with its theatre binoculars, is prepared for the colossal scale of the Coliseum despite the potentially astronomical distance between its seat and the stage.

The National Theatre's production, "Standing at the Sky's Edge", is also on the bee's radar. This play, set against a backdrop of societal change, piques the bee's interest in contemporary drama and storytelling. The National Theatre's reputation for staging thought-provoking and cutting-edge plays adds to the allure.

Stepping slightly outside the traditional theatre realm, the bee plans to immerse itself in a visual and auditory experience at St. Martin-in-the-Fields. This immersive light show, themed around life, invites attendees to let their imaginations roam free in a sea of sensory stimulation. It's a testament to how art in various forms can kindle the storytelling instinct within us all.

On Bagging Bargain Tickets

As always, here is some bee wisdom for fellow theatre lovers seeking budget-friendly options. The National Theatre's Friday rush sales offer a golden opportunity to snag tickets for a mere ten quid. More instructions here. Additionally, the Official London Theatre New Year Sale is in its final days, presenting a chance to purchase discounted tickets for a range of prices. Lastly, TodayTix rush tickets often provide excellent deals, especially for prime seats.

What is on your radar this season, the bee wonders. Do tell.


Note: Clicking on the show title links on this page will take you to the official show page, which may or may not be the cheapest way to get tickets. If a link is broken, it's likely that the show is no longer running. This website is not about prescribing a 'must-see' list, only about sharing bee's own interests and curiosities in the vibrant world of theatre.


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