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Updated: Jul 15, 2022

Did you know that Theatre Bee reviews can be found aggregated on the bee's very own Show-Score critic page?

For those who didn't catch last week's post on Show-Score's long overdue arrival in London, is the bee's best friend and guide to discover what shows to watch and what to expect to feel.

Overwhelmed by the sheer number of shows playing on any day in London? Show-Score is an amazingly useful aggregator of London theatre reviews for both West End and Off-West End shows.

Usual show categories of comedy and drama not working for you? Show-Score features highly intuitive categories to help you discover shows, from Shakespeare to Black Stories. Want to see a star actor on stage? The Seeing Stars category is for you.

Want to check out a review before booking a show, but can't sift through the hundreds of reviews out there, each nestled in its own tiny corner of the internet? Show-Score aggregates and lists reviews from 40 (and growing) top theatre critics across New York and London. Most usefully, each critic review comes with a one-line summary and star rating (if applicable), letting you eyeball the opinions of a diverse range of critics (and you can, of course, access a link to the full review, should you want to read the whole thing). Show-Score also features show scores and reviews from audience members. Everything on one page.

Want to share your thoughts about shows? You can join a loving community of other theatre goers doing just that, and even try to get on the leaderboard that recognises the most helpful of community members.

Head over, make your account and don't forget to follow Theatre Bee on!

This above all: to thine own self make London theatre work.

Check out the bee's critic page on Show-Score along with your other favourite critics and audience reviewers.

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