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Five Shows Eliciting Standing Ovations in London this Summer

That thrilling, spontaneous, collective burst of appreciation that signals an extraordinary performance! Recently, the bee experienced this magic not once, not twice but five times in a row! Here is a look at the bee’s most recent adventures in theatre land where it witnessed the entire audience on their feet.

Theatre audience give a standing ovation during curtain call
Audience at Soho Place applaud cast of Heathers the Musical

1. A View from the Bridge, Theatre Royal Haymarket

Arthur Miller’s "A View from the Bridge" remains a timeless exploration of family loyalty, passion, and justice. This production’s minimalist set and intense performances make the characters' struggles and moral dilemmas all the more palpable. Dominic West's portrayal of Eddie was exceptionally gripping, bringing a level of intensity and complexity to the character that was truly worthy of a standing ovation. The bee was chilled by Eddie's gradual transformation from a provider and protector to someone whose very identity and purpose got entangled in that role. The transition from protectiveness to envy is slow and insidious, making it all the more horrifying as it plays out in a character that the audience is primed to root for. The play was saucy, salacious, and addictive – qualities that heightened the drama and intrigue. Fans of classic theatre and those interested in emotionally charged narratives will find this a compelling watch. The bee loved it; read its review here.

2. People, Places and Things, Trafalgar Theatre

Denise Gough reprises her role as Emma, an actress grappling with addiction, in Duncan Macmillan’s "People, Places and Things". Gough’s performance is both harrowing and darkly humorous, making this show unforgettable. The play raised thought-provoking questions about human agency and our responsibilities towards ourselves and others. A significant theme was forgiveness, especially how complex and paradoxical it can be. The play insightfully explores how those closest to us can be the hardest to forgive and seek forgiveness from. The idea that we hurt those near to us more easily and expect forgiveness from them, yet struggle to truly receive it, adds a profound layer to the narrative. It’s a must-see for those who appreciate thought-provoking drama and powerhouse performances. For the bee’s own thoughts and reflections, read its review.

3. Heathers the Musical, Soho Place

"Heathers the Musical" is a dark comedy that transforms the high school experience into a satirical, campy spectacle. With catchy songs and sharp dialogue, it’s a vibrant take on the classic teen narrative. The music is catchy, the songs are nice, and it’s a high-energy performance. However, the bee had to temper its expectations before going in. It is a high school story about a group of teenagers, and it is not going to bring the thrill or provocation that the bee has come to love at the theatre. If you’re looking for deep, reflective exploration, this might not be the play for you. But if you enjoy fast-paced, darkly humorous shows with great singing, dancing, and costumes, then "Heathers" is the perfect pick! Go immerse in nostalgia!

4. Stranger Things: The First Shadow, Phoenix Theatre

This stage adaptation delves into the backstory of Hawkins, Indiana, blending supernatural elements with a nostalgic nod to the '80s. The immersive set design and gripping plot make it a hit with both fans of the TV series and those new to the "Stranger Things" universe. The special effects were particularly impressive, adding a layer of excitement and making it a perfect pick for audiences who enjoy high-tech theatrical experiences (if you liked Back to the Future’s special effects, you’ll like Stranger Things). The bee jumped out of its skin several times due to the numerous jump scares! This play might give you nightmares. You’ve been warned.

5. Sunny Side Up, Soho Theatre

"Sunny Side Up" is a fringe gem that captivates with its inventive storytelling and intimate setting. This one-person monologue delves into themes of death, bereavement, and resilience. The raw emotional depth resonated deeply with the audience, making it a powerful and moving experience. There wasn't one dry eye in the entire theatre. Ideal for those who enjoy thought-provoking and intimate theatrical experiences, but be prepared to cry. It will be crushingly sad. It will bring back memories of loved ones you’ve lost and all the things that needed to be said and weren’t. You’ll cry, and it may be cathartic, or it may just be painful. Be careful.

Joy in the Applause

Experiencing five standing ovations in a row is a testament to the incredible talent gracing London’s stages. Each show brought something unique, from raw emotional performances to inventive storytelling and immersive designs. These experiences reaffirm the bee’s love for theatre. Join the bee in celebrating these remarkable shows, and perhaps you too will be part of a standing ovation!

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2 Kommentare

02. Juni

I am not really convinced by the bee’s opening sentence. Standing ovations are increasingly becoming the norm and are often triggered by a few genuinely rapturous audience members. When standing ovations become so common, are they always indicative of a really exceptional event?

Gefällt mir
Theatre Bee
Theatre Bee
02. Juni
Antwort an

Hi, fellow thespian! The bee is so delighted to hear from you! Your point is very well taken; standing ovations are not always a mark of exceptional quality. Are standing ovations really becoming a norm, though? The bee has witnessed many a stubborn audience member staying glued to their seat even as their neighbours are up on their feet rapturously clapping away. All the same, being a colonial creature, the bee loves nothing more than a shared sense of community and solidarity, dear fellow theatre mate!

Gefällt mir
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