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Review of Cold Water at Park Theatre: Mentorship and melancholy make for an emotional tsunami

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A man and a woman seated in a school classroom and talking
Production image of Cold Water, Park Theatre. Photo credit: Jake Bush

A Play within a Play within a Play

The bee ventured to the Park Theatre last week to catch an intriguing production of Cold Water. This meta-theatrical work delves into the life of Emma, a fresh university graduate navigating her return to her parents' home and a new role assisting in the drama department at her former school. Here, she spends her days with Matt, her mentor and boss, as they prepare for a school production of Chekhov’s The Seagull. What's not to like about a play that's about a play that's about plays?!

However, the play is more than just a rehearsal for a classic; it’s a profound exploration of human emotions, aspirations, and the sometimes painful journey of self-discovery.

Chekhovian Echoes and Modern Parallels

The bee could sense the palpable tension in Emma’s dynamic with Matt. Emma’s admiration for the older man is clear from her first entrance, setting the stage for a complex interplay of emotions. The parallel to The Seagull adds layers to the narrative, offering a modern reflection on Chekhov’s themes of unrequited love, artistic ambition, and the stark realities of life. The absence of actual students in the play accentuates the focus on Emma and Matt’s evolving relationship, making their interactions all the more intense and intimate.

The Mentorship and the Unspoken Underneath

The bee found the mentorship between Emma and Matt to be a fascinating study. Emma, with her nerves and inexperience, juxtaposes sharply with Matt’s seasoned yet somewhat disillusioned outlook. His position as a drama teacher—an occupation often seen as a fallback rather than a chosen career, though this must be navigated delicately—is imbued with a layer of quiet resignation. This dynamic creates a rich ground for exploring themes of ambition and the harsh compromises life often demands.

Anticipation and Emotional Climax

To be honest, the bee could guess the premise of the play (and the way it would end) within a few minutes of it starting, and the bee did not like how easy it was to get to that prediction, and get to it that early. The bee found itself hoping that its hasty conclusions were incorrect and that it would be profoundly surprised or shocked as the story evolved.

As it turns out, the climactic moment came and it turned out to be exactly as the bee had predicted, but its predictability did not dampen the bee’s emotional response to it in the slightest! And that came as quite a shock to the bee, dear readers. If anything, the fact that the bee had predicted the event only made it an even more bitter pill to swallow, like when you know you’re going to ruins but the knowledge of where you’re headed only adds to the pain felt upon reaching the destination.

[Spoiler warning] So despite initial skepticism, the bee was drawn into the emotional undercurrents of the narrative. The tension escalates as Emma’s infatuation with Matt becomes more apparent, and their conversations about life and acting reveal deeper personal truths. The moment of Emma’s confession and attempted kiss, a culmination of the simmering tension, is executed with such emotional intensity that it left the bee deeply moved. Matt’s withdrawal and Emma’s subsequent emotional collapse are portrayed with raw authenticity, striking a chord and evoking a visceral response.

An Absolutely Shattering Aftermath

[Spoiler warning] Post-confession, the play doesn’t offer a respite but rather plunges deeper into the emotional fallout. Emma’s transformation from a hopeful young woman to a shell of her former self is depicted with heartbreaking realism. [Spoilers end]

The bee found this raw, relentless descent into despair both distressing and captivating, a testament to the powerful performances and the writing’s emotional depth. The narrative doesn’t shy away from the harsh realities of unreciprocated affection and the impact of unmet expectations, making for a thought-provoking and, at times, painfully tedious experience.

Conclusion: An Emotionally Charged Exploration

Cold Water at the Park Theatre is a compelling exploration of mentorship, unrequited love, and the stark realities of life’s ambitions and disappointments. While the play’s emotional intensity and layered narrative may not offer a traditional happy ending, it provides a deeply moving and intellectually stimulating experience. For those interested in a thoughtful and intense theatrical journey, this production offers much to ponder and reflect upon.

In reflecting on the experience, the bee encourages viewers to consider the delicate balance of personal aspirations and the often unspoken emotional currents that shape our lives. Cold Water serves as a poignant reminder of the complexities of human relationships and the enduring impact of our interactions.

Five stars!


Watched May 2024 at Park Theatre, London.

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