Musical theatre merch for fans of Six the musical

Shopping for a musical theatre lover?

Know someone with a brain filled with musical theatre show tunes? Do they remember the lyrics to every song and sing them all day long? Do they love to watch musicals? Are they always looking for the next one to see?

If they are someone who loves show tunes and remembers them as if they’re singing them in their head all the time, then they have a pure, unadulterated love for musical theatre. People with an interest in musical theatre tend to be very passionate about it and you can be sure that a piece of musical merch will melt their heart! Check out unique, thoughtful gifts for that musical lover friend of yours at the Theatre Bee Store!

A cute, chic musical themed present based on Six the musical

Six the musical is not like most musicals we have seen before. Part musical, part concert and part story-telling, Six is sure to be one of the most memorable pieces of theatre that your musical lover friend may have seen. Not a bad choice at all for a musical themed gift!

Six is a take on the story of six wives of Henry VIII. The songs are amazingly catchy and tell the story of the six with a modern spin. Celebrate (or mourn?) this incredible (and rather infamous) period in history with cute gifts themed after the classic line

Divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived!

Here is a cute t-shirt, for example, that your loving Theatre Bee put the finishing touches on just this morning. Click on the t-shirt to get taken through straight to the store, and browse a range of merchandise with this bright design.

How about a cute souvenir themed after these six incredible women? How about a bag or a mug that lets you carry the amazing, outstandingly talented Six - Catherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleves, Catherine Howard and Katherine Parr - with you wherever you go?

Rush to the Theatre Bee Store now!

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